Installed and implemented 4,000 Sigfox retrofit devices

HEP-Plin has announced a public tender for sensors that would be installed / connected to existing G4 gas meters, in order to increase the number of metering points that have remote readings in the cheapest way and in the shortest possible time. Axis got the job, as a system integrator, and we can proudly say that the whole solution (devices, central application platform, logistics, installation and implementation) is the work of Croatian companies. Although the work was contracted just before the start of the pandemic, and although the devices also have components / repro materials procured from abroad, Byte Lab (more at was able to produce and deliver devices in just 3 months, and Axis managed to successfully install and deploy all 4,000 devices in just 2 months. In case you want to visit the company HEP-Plin, see how the system works and hear their experiences, please contact us by email at or visit us on our website and contact us. Since it’s about SIGFOX Ready solution, and since the SIGFOX network (more on!/ ), is a global network, what works on the SIGFOX network in Croatia, can also work anywhere in the world, where there is a SIGFOX network (currently it is more than 70 countries or regions in the world). This means that this solution in HEP-Plin, although the first and largest of its kind in Croatia, has good export potential for all involved companies (Axis, Byte Lab and Comping).