Brod Plin Sigfox IoT pilot project presentation

In early February, Axis installed Sigfox sensors at 35 metering points within the Brod Plin distribution network and integrated these devices into a central application platform, to send gas consumption data to Brod Plin. From the very beginning, it was agreed to make a presentation on the observations and conclusions of the pilot project and to present it at the 35th International Scientific-Professional Meeting of Gas Experts in Opatija. As we know, the meeting, due to the pandemic, was held virtually, from 21st-23rd October, and Mr. Dalibor Bukvić, general manager of Brod Plin gave a very interesting and notable presentation. Good coverage and flexibility of the Sigfox network were observed, as well as the accuracy of the data sent from the Byte Lab sensors from the measuring points.